Champa Gali

Baleshwar 27/03( Sirjan Khabar): On the occasion of World Theater Day, The Day has been fostered by Shobha, the oldest theater organization of Baleshwar district. Playwright and theater director Mr. Suranjan Mohapatra was the chief guest at the Evening. He explained how awareness and good messages can reach the common people through drama and How to preserve drama. He also complimented him for making efforts towards creating good artists. At the end, the play” Champa Gali” was performed by all Shobha members.
A young man has completely forgotten about the village after doing the graduate and being hired as the manager of the oldest factory in city. How he spends his life as a drunker in a bad habit with the big guys in the megacity and his old father searches for his son in the megacity. latterly, he finds his son from Campa Gali. All the Shobha members actors are performed a good eye catching social drama.

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