Bhubaneswar, 29/09(Sirjan Khabar): The guts are that the most vital part of the physical body. we’d like to require care of it and keep it safe. quite half people in our society now suffer from a heart condition. most of the people now have an attack. Today, on the occasion of World Heart Day, let’s determine what to try to do if your heart is healthy and your first attackers won’t be in danger of a second heart attack.

16.7 million people die annually from heart conditions. this is often one of the leading causes of death within the world today. this is often due to our habits and bad lifestyle. Almost everyone around us has had an attack and suffered an attack. The doctor advises them to vary their lifestyle and diet to avoid this problem. So let’s determine what ways we will avoid a second attack

  1. Excessive anxiety – Anxiety features a direct connection to the guts . If you’re more anxious, you’re more likely to possess a second attack . So you usually need to be worry-free. Also, always do yoga pranayama.
  2. Weight gain – If you are doing not concentrate to your weight gain, it are often detrimental to you. In fact, your weight gain can cause heart attacks. therein case, stay active and maintain a balanced weight.
  3. Exercise – If you would like to stay your heart and mind healthy, include regular running, cycling and dancing in your lifestyle. this may keep you faraway from cholesterol problems. consistent with the American Heart Association, you’ll stay healthy if you exercise a minimum of 150 minutes or 45 minutes every week , and a minimum of half-hour each day .
  4. Healthy eating habits – it’s important to remain faraway from fatty foods and fatty foods to stay your heart healthy. It causes plaques within the arteries that block the flow of blood in your heart. So always practice healthy foods to avoid heart attacks.
  5. Diabetes Control – Diabetes exacerbates heart problems. So stand back from situations which will exacerbate your diabetes problem. Take this medication at the proper time and at this point .
  6. Cholesterol Increase – Your body must control vital sign and cholesterol. to try to to this, you ought to exercise and include healthy foods in your diet and check your cholesterol from time to time.
  7. Smoking is harmful – If you’re still smoking, quit this bad habit quickly. Smoking can cause blood clots to make in other parts of the body. leading to a weakened heart.

(Note:Consult your physician before taking any information.)

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