Bhubaneswar 05/01(Sirjan Khabar) : Now a days the tribal society is completely broken, on one side Hinduization is being done, on the other side Christianization is being done and non-tribal people (Diku) are continuously agitating to become tribal People. Tribal society is now standing on the verge of death. The non-tribal People’s (Diku) are changing the history of the real tribal. Non-Tribal People’s(Diku ) knows that the people of the tribal society are engrossed in drinking liquor and the tribal societies are scattered among themselves. But the surprising thing is that the tribal society is now silent to save its history, religion, respect, population and language, it seems that we are living in a dead society.

The question arises, why are these people still silent on the tribal leaders, tribal intellectuals, tribal organizations and tribal Manjhi Pargana governance system? Today, the tribal society is standing on the lines of do or die stage it’s another means fight or kill, yet the tribals are silent.

   The tribal society wants to make some rebuttals as follows: –

1. Tribal leaders :- Tribal leaders do not understand anything to do with the tribal society because the leaders know that tribal people sold in liquor and meat. Politicians can do anything for vote bank as like these Political Party (like Jmm, Rjd, Bjd,BjP,Tmc,Congress etc). are engaged in making from non-tribal Peoples to tribal Peoples. Tribal Peoples have no understanding of politics due to which tribal society’s history, religion, respect, population and language are standing on the lines of extinction and tribal leaders are watching the drama.

2. Tribal intellectuals: – Tribal Peoples are make big leaders, ministers, officers, teachers, doctors etc. by writing, but they are not united among themselves. From time to time they go away after making big speeches, but for the rest of the day, they enter in the hole like rats.

3. Tribal organizations: – Various organizations are issueless, which do not have any policy-strategy agenda, all these organizations are limited to celebrating picnics, having fun, dancing, singing and Drinks Liquor(handi,paura)from time to time. These people neither have new thinking to save the society. The tribal society is unable to progress because of such organizations (Matal Sangathan) has created Drunker society (Matal Samaj).

4. Manjhi Pargana Administration:- Manjhi Pargana Administration is the backbone of tribal society but this system is in the hands of wrong people. Today the tribal society is dying, being destroyed, being looted, but no Manjhi Pargana has called a meeting for all these in the village till date. Because these people don’t even know whether the tribal society is dying or vanishing, they don’t care. Sitting in the administration system of Majhi Pargana, the question was raised from competition, today the tribal society is dying and being looted, why are you silent? Why is Singing & dancing (Enech-Serenj) the saw-toothed language of the tribal society, going extinct? Why is a Hindu temple being built in a village house of tribal society? Why are people of tribal society converting to other religions? Why are the people of tribal society not getting their rights? Why is the water, forest and land of tribal society going in the hands of non-tribals? Why are the people of tribal society forced to make Drunker(matal)? Why the respectable population of tribals are disappearing today? And why are Hindu idol worship DJ DANCE & CHAPRI DANCE happening in every village? All these people of Majhi-Pargana government are sitting in twisted competition and we all the people of tribal society are responsible.

Now a days the tribal Peoples of Jharkhand are disappearing, then tomorrow of other states. Today mine, tomorrow yours, That means today Parasnath Hill  (Marang Buru) and tomorrow Lugu Buru, like this, Tir Buru, Kapi Buru, Ayodhya Buru Tel Kapi Bharni Ghat etc. Encroachment will continue at the religious place because the tribal has to be destroyed, the identity of the tribal has to be Vanished as like as Parasnath Hill (Marang Buru) and Lugu Buru have occupied by Non-tribal (Diku).

I believe that we will fight for our existence, identity, respect, population, language, caste, religion, water, forest and land. Time is short but victory will be ours only. (Reported by Suresh Murmu,)

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