RANCHI 04/02(Sirjan Khabar): Tribal Santal society is still a slave, imprisoned in the chains of the monarchical Majhi-Pargana system. Whereas India came independent on 15 August 1947 and adopted a constitutional republic on 26 January 1950. Santal village- society is helpless, weak, compelled even in Santal-dominated in  Jharkhand state due to monarchical slavery. Nationally honored largest tribal language “Santali”.Till now Santali language people are not able to raise its voice to make it the official language of Jharkhand state. Tribal Santal village – Talking about votes and politics is prohibited in the society. There is a tradition of buying and selling votes in hand, liquor, tasting, rupees. Taking advantage of this monarchical slavery, a Santal family is taking full advantage of political power and happiness. Everyone else is silent like a slave/prisoner. Adivasi Sengel Abhiyan is striving for democratic freedom in the tribal villages- society in about 50 districts of 5 states. Freedom from slavery is impossible without qualitative democratization in the Majhi-Pargana self-government system of tribal Santal society.

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