Puri 10/11( Sirjan Khabar): Hon’ble President in Puri. First went to the temple and had see of the Lord. After that, President Draupadi Murmu will go to the Raj Bhavan and take the Mahaprasad. For this, preparations have been made by the administration of Srimandir Suar and Mahasuar Niyoga. Three types of pies and 14 types of banjans are prepared in morning Breakfast.
Kanti Pie, Jheel, Fish Polli, Ghee Annu, Ada Hengu Phala Mugh Khechudi, Sweet Annu, Sweet Lentils, Dalma, Manja Pumpkin Flower Besher, Sandhala, Phala Sola Honey, Potal Gravy, Tadka, Chenabadi Rasa, Sagamug, Spuri Jellie Khata, Raitaetc. will be served to the President.

After returning from Puri to Bhubaneswar, special arrangements have been made for the President’s dinner at Raj Bhavan. As if the President would like to have a dinner, this is an authentic dish. The menu is prepared for this. At the State Banquet, the President will be served with rice, bread, pulses, dalma, chenna fritters, mix fritters, santhula, fried etc.
The President will eat sweets with cold pies and pod pies. On this occasion, more than 50 prominent people will have dinner with him. Political party chiefs, ministers and senior officers will also attend the dinner. Next morning breakfast will be at Raj Bhavan.

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