Bhubaneswar,09/10 (SIRJAN KHABAR): Today the Santali language winner, the national chairman of the Adivasi Sengel Abhiyan, and former Mayurbhanj district MP Dishom Ganke Salkhan Murmu urged for perception in every district commissioner’s office.
On this occasion, a memorandum containing seven demands was presented to His Excellency the President through the District Commissioner. His Excellency the President, the Prime Minister, the Union Home Minister, the Governor of Jharkhand, and the Chief Minister of Jharkhand. They have repeatedly expressed their condolences for the development of India’s 15 crore indigenous peoples i.e. Hassa (State / Land), Language, Sarna Religion. The Registrar General of India was directed to take action on the Sarna Dharma Code case on September 9, 2021; but till now it is unfortunate for tribal people. Therefore immediately give the Sarna Dharma Code in the 2021 census. Nature worshipers will get their separate regional identity in India. The Santali language will be recognized as the first language of the Jharkhand state, and also the indigenous languages Ho, Munda, Kuduk, Khadia etc.. will be included in the VIII Schedule of the Constitution.

Today the mega rally was held in front of the Mayurbhanj district commissioner’s office under the supervision of Adivasi Sengel Abhiyan Baripada zonal committee chairman Naran Murmu. The function was attended by Odisha Pradesh Sengel President Narendra Hembrum, Central Sengel Coordinator Budhan Marandi along with Malha Marandi, Madhav Chandra Soren, Shankar Baske, Kaluram Murmu, Madhav Chandra Murmu, Jitendranath Hembram, Uday Nath Hembrum, Bahadur Murad, Bahadur Murad. Soren Anant Charan Marandi, Banamali Hansda, Chaitanya Hembrum, Rakhal Chandra Murmu, Kalicharan Murmu, Chandra Mohan Murmu were among the thousands of activists present.
The same Perception was held in the ten-state of India.

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