New Delhi: 29/07(Sirjan Khabar) West Bengal Congress MP Mr Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury has written a apologize letter to President Mrs. Draupadi Murmu . There’s a big contestation in the country regarding the Congress MP’s statement about the country’s wife. Meanwhile, he has apologized to the President in a letter. Regarding his controversial statement, he said, it was a slip of the tongue.
In his letter to the President, he said,’ I wrongly used an indecent word about the position of the President. I hope it was a slip of the Tongue, I apologize and hope you’ll admit it. BJP and Congress clash over controversial statement made by Mr Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury regarding the President. For the last two days, there has been commotion and protests in Parliament over this. There was a strong demurrer in the Parliament on Thursday. The BJP contended that the Congress leader deliberately affronted the President. BJP demanded that Congress President Sonia Gandhi should apologize to the country and the President for this.

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