Mumbai 28|09(SDM): Today is Lata Mangeshkar’s 92nd birthday on September 28th. She Born in Indore and started singing in 1940. She was only 11 years old then. In 1943, she gave voice to the Hindi song ‘Mata Ek Saput Ki Duniya Badal De’ within the Marathi film ‘Gajabhau’. this is often his first song. She also received Bharat Ratna award in 2001 and Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1989. Lata Ji is simple and pure, respected such tons that everyone calls her ‘Didi’. Some special stories are related to Lataji.

Lata believes that it’s thanks to her father that she could also be a singer today because she taught music. it’s getting to be surprised to know that Lata’s father Dinanath Mangeshkar didn’t know for an extended time that the daughter could sing. Lata was afraid to sing before him. She used to sing and recite something to the women who came to help her mother within the kitchen. Mother accustomed scold and keep off that thanks to the creeper, the time of those women used to be wasted, attention was divided.

After this Lata and her sister, Meena started learning music from their father. when his father died her Younger brother Hridaynath was only four years old. Her father won’t have seen her daughter become a singer, but she had thought of Lata’s success, good astrologers.

According to Lata, her father had said that she would be so successful that no one would ever be able to touch her heights. At the same time, Lata also believes that if her father was alive, she would never become a singer, because she doesn’t get permission for this.

After the death of her father, Lata took over the responsibility of the family and came to Mumbai alongside her sister Meena and commenced working for Master Vinayak. At the age of 13, he acted in the film ‘Pehli Mangalagore’ in 1942. Recorded for the first time for ‘Love is Blind’, but the film got stuck.

Musician Ghulam Haider heard 18-year-old Lata and introduced her to the successful filmmaker of that era, Shashadhar Mukherjee. Shashadhar clearly said that this voice is extremely thin, it’ll not work. Then it had been Master Ghulam Haider who gave Lata a chance to sing with singer Mukesh within the song ‘Angrezi Chhora Chala Gaya’ from the movie ‘Majboor’. This was Lata’s first big break, then she never worried about work. Later Shashadhar accepted his mistake and sang many songs from Lata in films like ‘Anarkali’, ‘Ziddi’.

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